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Taking a Look at Post-Divorce Issues Such as Contempt Actions

When a married couple has come to mutually acceptable terms and conditions and so completed a dissolution of marriage process in the state of Washington, it can certainly come as a big relief. Arriving at the conclusion that taking this step is actually the best thing to do is often an experience itself, and after that there are countless issues that must be ironed out when you’ve arrived at the decision that the spousal relationship has run its course. In the event that there are children involved, a parenting plan will have to be put in place, and the people taking part will have to work towards an arrangement with regards to the fiscal factors involved. When this has all been carried out and your dissolution is actually official, perhaps it will appear on the outside as if the problem has been put to rest permanently, and you will not really need to revisit the problem.


That is certainly sometimes correct, but in a good many circumstances you’ll encounter post-divorce challenges which come into play. Occasionally you will find a sizeable alteration of the economic profile of one or both of the former spouses and therefore a modification of child support and/or spousal maintenance payments becomes required. In cases when both former partners are supportive and in agreement, a lot of these modifications may be easily facilitated with the help of a reliable Tacoma family lawyer. In the event that there’s a disagreement, the specifics must be presented by the individuals’ respective attorneys and the court will make a decision.


A tricky post divorce matter which some individuals are presented with will be need to submit a contempt motion, and it’s usually because of a failing to provide court directed child support. The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services Division of Child Support will be the state organization that’s faced with the responsibility of helping men and women acquire overdue child support payments. Though progress is being made, just half of the child support payments which were requested within the state of Washington are paid in full, and a quarter of them are not being paid in any way. Contempt actions happen to be one way of enforcement, and the DCS will guide you with the process for anyone who is experiencing difficulty getting the child support payments which are due to you.


Anyone that is involved with post-divorce complications such as contempt actions should engage the assistance of a knowledgeable Tacoma child custody lawyer. The best divorce lawyer Tacoma can offer the help you’re looking for with your Tacoma WA divorce.

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