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The Easy Way To Make A Lightning McQueen Costume For Halloween

If you would like to see just how easy it is to make your very own Lightning McQueen costume in time for Halloween this year then read on for some handy tips. A list of materials is the first thing we will look at and then go on to discover how to fit them alltogether to make the perfect Halloween costume for your son.

Overview of Lightning McQueen Costume
Lightning McQueen is the hero of the Disney animated movie Cars and is a firm favourite of children the world over. He is a red Porsche with attitude who eventually comes to understand the importance of friendship and helping out others. So how do you dress up your son as a Porsche? This is not as hard as you might think so keep reading for full instructions…

1) A large cardboard box

2) Poster paint (red, black, yellow and white)

3) A red baseball cap

4) String or Ribbon

5) Staple Gun / Glue

How To Make The Costume

1) Start with preparing the cardboard box . This will fit around your boy’s midriff and will represent the car . Therefore you will need to paint it mainly red. It should also have flames painted on each side in yellow (any image on the internet or videos will show you how the flames should look).

2) Once the cardboard boxhas been painted you canĀ  cut out the bottom (so that your son can step into it and pull it up to waist height). You should then staple the ribbons or string to the box so that form straps which go over the shoulder and keep the box at the correct and comfortable height.

3) The front of the box should also have a mouth and eyes drawn on and once again, referring to a picture of Lightning McQueen will really help to get the authentic look right.

4) Using the bottom of the box you have just cut out, cut out a further two large circles which we will use for the tyres. These should be black and can then be stuck onto the side of the cardboard box with either glue or stapled on with the staple gun.

5) The Lightning McQueen Costume is almost ready but there are a couple of further touches which will really improve the look. Lightning McQueen’s racing number is 95 and this can be painted onto another cardboard disc and attached to the front of your son’s shirt.

6) Also dress him in a red baseball cap to finish off the effect of a racing car driver.

Lightning McQueen is not the only costume you can make, how about a Raggedy Andy costume or a Shaggy Costume this Halloween?

This Lightning McQueen costume will be fun to make and even more fun for your son to wear this Halloween. The materials are easy to come by and the assembly is fairly straightforward. My biggest tip would be to get a good size image of Lightning McQueen and keep referring to this as you are painting the details on the box.

I really hope you enjoyed this costume tutorial and have a great Halloween.

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