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The Harmful Effects of Social Media Sites on Teenagers

Ah Social Media! It has forever changed the world’s landscape, especially with the way teenagers interact with others. In so many ways, social media means many positive changes and development in how we communicate, or especially with how we share information.

With all the positive mentioned above however, social media also comes with its dark side; negative outcomes that spell real consequences, with some being very troubling in teenagers lives for the long term. And that is of significant concern that all parents must be aware of address.

Personal Life And Data Exposed

These days people always complain of diminishing privacy as a negative side effect of social media sites. We may think our personal data is safe inside the high-level security settings, but often, this is not the case.

Everything in this world has gone sophisticated; the one thing we leave open to the public after all our privacy settings are already in place, which happens to be our friend’s list is now also considered a tool where our personal attributes can be discovered and exploited. This is when it is really important for parents to guide their teens and emphasize the dangers and really monitor what their teens are doing online.

Potential employers and even schools are now checking kid’s Facebook and Myspace accounts and making decisions on individual’s character and lifestyle. Posting inappropriate pictures, content and updates can lead to disaster in the long term.
Even though, social networking sites make changes and updates regularly to enhance your settings supposedly, as well as for the purpose of maintaining privacy, failure to re-evaluate changes in the settings every time they happen opens us up to the scrutiny of the public eye.
Tagging features in Facebook are also an invasion; imagine friends tagging posts or photos revealing unwanted and sensitive images.

The above is of real consequence to immature minds that do not foresee how this type of exposure can affect them later in life, and not just personally but professionally in their work and career atmosphere as well.

YouTube has become a showcase venue to proliferate inappropriate behavior of all sorts. Like the case of the young girl who was brutally beaten by several classmates and the girls that assaulted her thought it was awesome to video the even for YouTube. This type of display desensitizes children to real life violence and makes it all one big joke.

Medical Effects Of Social Media On Teens

Probably every critic’s favorite is the wide array of negative health consequences that social media sites bring to teenagers.

Recent medical studies identified that hyper-networking (spending three hours or more on social media networks on a daily basis) and hyper-texting (sending more than a hundred and twenty messages out to friends daily) activities brings about various unhealthy behavior in teens, particularly drinking, smoking, and engaging in sexual activities.

Hyperactive networking is also among the causes of teen substance abuse, depression, sleep difficulties, poor academic suicide, and especially suicide.

Isolation is also another issue. Teens tend to spend more time on social networking sites, which means they now have less exposure to face-to-face interactions. Social isolation always leads to a variety of mental, emotional and physical problems that may well degrade our teens in the long run.


Lastly, one crucial negative aspect of these sites is that they are often access pool for child predators. Recently Facebook agreed that no registered sex offenders would be allowed to register, but it’s not really clear as to how they will enforce this or even be able to check. Parents need to educate their children and be very vigilant about these types of dangers. Teen chat rooms make young girls and boys especially vulnerable to these types of men.

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