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The Importance of IVF Success Rate

Couples who are having difficulties in conceiving a baby can try in-vitro fertilization as a solution.  More commonly known as IVF, this process allows the woman to be impregnated with the injection of sperm cells straight away to where the eggs are located. This is in fact a method in which conception is supported with medical intervention.  Typically, the success rate of such procedure is high compared to the natural way, which is through sexual activity.  However, there might still be some factors that contribute to having decreased chances of conception.  Thus, if you are to undergo or have undergone such method, it is definitely necessary to learn and employ some steps in order to increase the chances of becoming pregnant.

One main culprit in a lower IVF success rate is the presence of toxins in your body. Such harmful elements can cause the weakening of your immune system and may also attack your reproductive organs.   If you have high amounts of toxin in your system and you go through IVF, the assurance of failure can be quite high.  Due to this, it’s significant that you first rid yourself of the toxins that have settles inside your system.  This can be achieved through cleansing or through detoxification.  This naturally means that you need to stop some habits that just build up your toxic levels. Examples include drinking alcoholic drinks, smoking, and, worse, using addictive drugs.

It is not enough that you avoid elements which can be harmful to your general health.  It is also important that you nourish yourself with particular food items and supplements that can increase your reproductive system’s readiness to ovulate, fertilize, and conceive a baby.  This may need you to be more cautious of the nutritional value of what you eat. Besides the food, you may also have to take multivitamins.  There are also certain fruits and herbal products that can certainly help a lot in increasing IVF success rate.

There are some experts in IVF that suggest the application of aroma therapy.   It is said that such technique significantly improves the IVF success rate too.  However, a scientific explanation on the approach is that the aroma can greatly relieve you of stress, allowing you to decrease the level of toxic biochemical components inside you.  In this case, aromatherapy is merely secondary and simply to compliment your hard work at enhancing your nutrition and starting your healthy lifestyle. It only works efficiently if you combine it with healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Only recently, some the medical community in the West have actually given thumbs up to acupuncture as a technique of increasing IVF success rate.  Of course, this would not have happened if the doctors themselves have not seen the effectiveness of acupuncture in providing the conditions for women to conceive children.   You may also try undergoing this process to boost your chances at pregnancy through IVF.  Nevertheless, if you actually want to be more certain of success, it may be wise to combine the steps mentioned with the approval of your ob-gyne.


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