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The Things Partners Should Think About With Regards to Child Custody Disputes

Of each of the divorce conditions that needs to be determined, custody may be the most emotive and that is fairly understandable. Although the subject is undoubtedly a serious one and there will be a certain amount of strong feelings involved, husbands and wives who are experiencing a dissolution of marriage proceeding can typically get to an arrangement regarding a shared parenting schedule or a custody/visitation set up. The people concerned know the dynamic that exists between the individual parents and the children, and they also appreciate the best way to divide the custody of the children in a fashion that provides for the employment schedules of each parent.


When you happen to be looking at the problem of child custody and potential custody disagreements it is important to realize the point that there are actually two kinds of custody. There’s physical custody which is the term for exactly where the child is going to primarily be living, but there is also legal custody. Legal custody consists of the power to make decisions on the child’s behalf regarding things such as medical procedures, what educational institutions and churches to attend, authorizations to play sports, etc. And so a custody agreement could possibly give one parent primary physical custody although both dad and mom share legal custody, which is extremely common.


Even though they are fairly rare, custody arguments do arise. All of the laws and regulations that deal with child custody within the state of Oregon are located in Sections 107.105, 107.137, and 107.169 in the Revised Oregon Statues, and they clearly suggest that the overriding intention will be to prevent any potential stress that the kids may experience. When a child custody agreement can’t be arrived at by the parents by themselves, the court will in most cases require them to go through a stage of mediation with the help of a skilled third-party mediator so as to reconcile the controversy. If no arrangement is forthcoming after mediation the court will make the final custody judgement. 


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