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Things You Might Not Yet Know About Babies

You might already have a fair amount of baby knowledge. Someone has undoubtedly told you that it can take a little bit for babies to start to recognize other people. Most babies are able to recognize their mothers immediately after being born, but you already knew that. There is no set rate for baby development, but most people already understand that fact. There are no exact dates for any of the major development milestones. There is so much more to know about babies and how they develop and grow! The infancy period is one of the most interesting of all areas of human development. So many things happen between conception and even early childhood. Babies might not look like they do much all day but under the surface they are working like crazy to grow up! This is generating a buzz lately. It’s advisable to bookmark it.

It is hard for most babies to tell the difference between one color and another when they are still very young. A baby’s eyes are still developing when she is born and the synapses between and her eyes and her brain are not yet mature. This is one of the reasons why babies respond better to primary colors whey they are used in a room or on toys. Bold and bright colors like reds and greens and blues or even white and black are the easiest colors for babies to see. Pastels tend to run together.

Believe it or not, this is why a baby will sometimes favor certain toys. What this means is that all of the black and white stuff that you think of as ugly is actually better for your baby’s eyesight and brain development than the more traditional and popular pastel based decorations and toys.

Odd as it might sound, some babies come out with some teeth already in place! Still other babies are born with no hope of having their teeth come in until they hit their first birthdays.

Teething is one of the things new parents dread the most. It is important, though to not worry too much if your baby seems to start teething early or late. Even if you have other children who started teething at an average age, that does not mean that this baby is not going to follow his own schedule. This is a excellent benchmark for anyone.
Everybody knows that babies use crying to communicate their need for service or attention but did you know that the baby does not cry real tears until he or she is almost a month old? Tears are made up of water and hormones that are excreted when a person is under stress. In order to calm down when you are stressed, your body does everything it can to get rid of the hormones the stress has created-which is why you cry (your body is literally shedding the hormone). Babies are not able to make this hormone before they are born. Some babies won’t start to cry real tears until they are a few weeks old. Still other babies can take up to a few months to show signs of actual tears (remember, every baby is different).

There are so many things about babies that are not well known-you will never get bored learning about child development. The rapidity of baby growth is astounding to most people. Do you know exactly how development occurs? Has anybody told you just how many changes occur between when your baby is conceived and when he or she has a baby of his or her own? Childhood development is a fascinating subject-just look at what you have already learned! This is just one of the top graded blog.

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