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Tips for choosing safe toys for your children

safe_toyMost injuries from toys are usually minor. But sometimes toys have been proven dangerous enough to cause severe injuries or even death. Here are 10 simple tips to avoid choosing the wrong toy for your child.

  • Read the label before buying any toy. It contains useful information for the use of the toy, the age of the children that can safely play with it, and it also recommends if it needs supervision by an adult.
  • Make sure that all the toys and their parts are bigger than your child’s mouth and avoid buying small toys in size that are designed for older kids.
  • Avoid toys that eject small objects in the air. They can cause serious injuries.
  • Avoid toys that emit loud or high pitched sound in order to protect your child’s hearing.
  • Examine the toy for sharp elements or edges and avoid toys that are made of fragile plastic or material that can easily be broken.
  • Don’t buy metal toys for a baby or an infant.
  • Avoid toxic objects and materials that can cause poisoning. Prefer painting materials, color pens and markers where their label indicate that they are non toxic. Small batteries that equip some toys are toxic but can also cause suffocation if swallowed by a kid.safe_toys
  • Avoid buying “the chemistry set” to children under 12 years old.
  • Safe electrically games have the “UL Approved” label.
  • Be extra careful when you are buying toys for your baby’s crib. The strings that are hanging above the crib must be short to avoid risk of strangulation.

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