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Toys That Stimulate Imagination In Young Minds

It was just a few decades ago when kids only had wood blocks and their backyards to entertain them, and they were able to engage in play for hours using their imaginations and creative thinking.

Today, with video games and the internet it isn’t surprising that some children are sorely lacking in imagination. This is perhaps why parents should take it upon themselves to introduce the proper toys to their children at a young age and beyond that will allow them to exercise their mental abilities. Please read on to learn about some great toys that can stimulate imagination and facilitate learning.

Baby Einstein

For young babies Baby Einstein has a big array of great toys that enhance imagination and learning. From the intricate baby activity gyms to their innovative early learn to read program for young toddlers there is really a large amount of choice for parents.

One of the greatest gifts for babies that pay off for years to come is when parents give them an early start in cognitive stimulation. This serves in many ways for the long term in both better school performance and a more productive life.


Legos have been around for decades and are definitely one of the top toys to buy to sharpen the mental capabilities of the young human mind. It helps children create form
scratch different items from large buildings to entire villages with people. And, today’s Lego sets are offered in various themes to build complex items, such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and Transformers. When played with friends, Legos could provide endless hours of entertainment and is ideal even for older children.


Telescopes may seem simple, but they could actually provide children with endless hours of productive fun even when they are playing by themselves. With this toy, kids could start to extensively view their surroundings and discover things they ordinarily wouldn’t have. And, what better way to stimulate the imagination than to look into space and the stars.

Telescopes also promote adventurism in children, prompting them to go outside and explore as much of the world as they can. They can also be incorporated in a wide array of games depending on how old the child is. Some of the more sophisticated telescopes allow them to view the stars while simple ones let them bird watch or even just play pirates.

Chemistry Kits

What better way to involve kids in science than with the introduction of chemistry kits? Chemistry kits not only introduce scientific concepts to children but also show them exactly how it affects their everyday life. If anything else, this could prompt them to be more exploratory with the world around them. At the very least, this could make them curious about their surroundings and spark their imagination. Note that chemistry kits come in different bundles so it’s best to purchase one that best fits the age of the child.

Of course, these aren’t the only toys that could perk up a child’s imagination. A quick trip to the toy store will provide parents with many wonderful choices. Encouraging reading and a love for books early on is also great and something that will control the amount of computer time they are exposed to. Keep in mind that children are works of art and it is up to the parents to ensure that they grow up into well-rounded adults.

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