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Try These Fun Wintertime Activities For Children!

It’s not easy to keep children entertained with fun activities for children throughout the long, cold winter. As the days get shorter on daylight and even colder still, it’s important to keep kids active, engaged and happy and that involves quite a bit of creativity at times. All it takes is a little creativity to find the best winter activities for children that will make your kids happy – and if you pursue some of them as a family, you’ll even create a few lifelong memories if you’re lucky . Here are just a few ideas:

– Make a snowman as a family. Scavenge around the house for old hats, a carrot for his nose, buttons for his eyes, a scarf and whatever else they can come up with to being their creation to life. If you have more than one child, have them make mini snowboys and girls to represent themselves in your yard.

– Go ice skating as a family at the local rink or skating pond.

– Going Sledding is perhaps the most popular wintertime activities for children. So find a big hill and have a family race to the bottom! To really make the memory last, don’t forget to take photos.

– Take a nature walk in the woods or snowshoe and see if you can identify different animal tracks through the snow.

– For kids that love arts and crafts, collecting pine cones and leaves from outside and turning them into wreaths and other holiday décor is a great activity.

– Kids who love to be creative might also enjoy making holiday cards. From construction paper, markers and glitter to digital photo projects, depending on the age and aptitude of the child, the options are limitless.

– You can teach kids math and multi-tasking without them even knowing it by cooking together. It’s one of the best wintertime activities for children. An aside: if you have a hard time getting kids to eat healthier foods, have them help in making the meal. Kids tend to eat and enjoy foods they have a hand in making. Of course, baking cookies and frosting cakes is a lot of fun for kids too. Far away relatives might actually want these as gifts.

– Your local library or community center might also have a lot of activities on their calendar. You could sign everyone up for a storytelling hour or take a class or two in arts and crafts, painting, drawing and more.

– Lastly, try having a game night with the family. As activities for children go, video games, board games and card games are fantastic options for spending time together.

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