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Undergoing IVF Egg Retrieval

In vitro fertilization or IVF is an artificial technique of making women pregnant.  With the emergence of a number of problems that render pregnancy harder to develop, a lot of women have turned to IVF.  If you have issues about your fallopian tube, for example, it can be tougher for you to get pregnant in the natural way.  On the other hand, if your husband or male partner’s fertility is in doubt, as a result of poor sperm quality, he too may not be able to make you pregnant through sexual intercourse. Under these circumstances, you may choose to go through IVF for you to conceive.

IVF involves retrieving the egg for it to be fertilized with the sperm sample.  Before IVF egg retrieval is carried out though, it is vital that you and your partner have healthy and ova and sperm respectively.  As a result of this, the doctor might have to enable you to take in drugs that could complement your diet to make the ova and the sperm very much healthier.  In some instances though, a woman might have to require an egg donation from others if doctors learn that hers is totally not capable of being fertilized. This is especially true for women who are in the menopausal phase.

The removal of the woman’s eggs from the ovaries is crucial step in IVF egg retrieval.  Once the eggs are removed, these are put in contact with the male sperm. When the contact takes place, and if both elements are good, fertilization is then started.  The supplements or drugs that the doctor may prescribe you before the removal are meant to enhance the production of follicles. Actually, these said drugs are hormonal in nature.  This is seemingly because follicle production could only be enhanced with the activeness of certain hormones exclusive to women. 

There isn’t any doubt that the important step you should first undergo before IVF egg retrieval is to first generate as much good follicles as possible.  It is the follicles, after all, that could discharge the eggs.  When the said follicles are releasing the eggs, a process called ovulation occurs.  Therefore, it is very important for you and your partner, as a couple, as well as the attending doctor to be knowledgeable about your monthly cycle.  This is because such information naturally includes the specific time of the month that you are ovulating.

The actual IVF egg retrieval process is not at all difficult. It’s quite simple that it can be performed in a fertility clinic. A needle-like tube would be inserted just above the vagina.  The tube would attain the ovaries where the follicles can be found.  Once found, the follicles will be sucked out from the needle or tube.  Finding the follicles is helped by a transvaginal ultrasound device.  This may seem a bit painful.  However, it is definitely not since an anesthesia would be provided to first.  The full process will not take more than thirty minutes to accomplish. When done, the egg would then be fertilized.


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