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Understanding Parenting

Parenting is a great experience of joy, laughter and fun as it helps one to passionately re-live and experience wonderful moments of childhood. But it is demanding as well and even more so with lack of certain skills.

If parents choose to help their child with emotional development and life skills such as love, trust, confidence, self esteem, empathy alongside their education, then it might be useful for the parents to continuously enhance their knowledge and skills to fulfil their obligation in a much more resourceful way.

As parents, one is seen as the immediate role model by the child. A child feels secured when their parents understand their feelings through the connection of love which establishes trust in the child’s mind. The child becomes more comfortable and is open to express his feelings in times of discomfort. Consequently, the child uses those lessons as a basis of reference to build relationships with others.

But how often do you feel, as parents, that you really want to enrich the lives of your child with proper nutrition/skills but you feel that you are limited in resources or just feel helpless in coping with certain demands or attitude of your child?

Looking for ways to teach these skills to your children that are fun and engaging?

The reason could well be literacy skills. However, reading a good book passively on life skills and emotional development is just potential knowledge. Applying these skills to deal with challenging situations with children is what counts. For example a child’s misbehavior may be addressed by making them aware of the consequences without the parents being too harsh or negative. But if parents are neither reading any book nor willing to make a mental shift to acquire more skills, then the likelihood of giving some of the life basic learning skills could be challenging at the early formative stage to their child.

As a result, Kidz4Mation has created a series of developmental resources in the form of easy to follow children’s books which may be easily read by parents to their child. The books can help teach core values and skills in helping to raise happy, positive, well-balanced, well-rounded and successful children. These picture books include notes for parents and children respectively to develop the theme or skill in discussion.

In addition the following skills could be useful tips to make parenting easier for parents:-

Availability – Gift of time is biggest gift parents can give a child because a child wants time and love not money from their parents.

Acceptance – This requires great courage from parents but accepting the children as they are can help you, as parents, in keeping them happy. How important is it for parents to put child needs ahead of theirs and therefore learning to be selfless parents?

Appreciation – This is something that everyone craves for. All human beings want approval. It is very important for you as a parent to appreciate children publicly and criticise privately. Children often misbehave because they want attention from their parents. Parents have to be assertive within limits, and ensure that the appreciation is appreciated!

Like to develop more gratefulness in your children?

Teaching what we preach

Parents would always want to do the right thing for their children. However, there are things that parents do not do as a result of procrastination or indifference. But parents would love their children to develop good habits. But most of the times it is challenging to get certain children to do certain things that you are unwilling to do as parents. In other words, as a role model it is important to teach what you as parents preach.

Sometimes, as parents, how do you feel when you tell your child to do something which you are not doing yourself? Now just imagine for a moment how the child would react knowing that you, as parents, are asking them to do something that you are not doing? Because remember that you as parents are the source of inspiration for your child.

Would you like your child to think they can do things rather than see them as huge obstacles?

As parents, the way you talk, behave and act will have a significant influence on your child. In other words, you, as parents, are being emulated by your child and your child will simply like to do those things that they see you doing on a daily basis. However there are certain things that your child has to do which you, as parents, ought to reinforce and ensure that they do. Therefore it is important for the parent to let the child do whatever they are passionate about and have a real interest in.

Rewarding and celebrating the moments with your child

Many parents are so engaged in their daily routines and very often they take little things for granted and even forget to reward a small action. It is important to note that these little things make a huge difference to a child. In other words, when a child takes action and does well, it is paramount to reward the child as it motivates the child and make him/her feel important and confident too to take more action next time. This small reward starts building a good metaphor in the mind of the child that every time he does something well, he will get a treat or a word of encouragement. It is the small or little things done on a consistent basis daily turn out to become a big thing.

We as parents are human beings after all and not human doing and deep inside we are children. As a result, as parents, we have to motivate ourselves and then take care and motivate our children and encourage them to be self reliant and take their decision within limit. We, as parents, should not be over protective or too possessive nor too much in control over them.

At this point, it is good to know that learning to change ourselves, as parents, and taking charge of our lives and managing our emotions will help us to be more resourceful to manage our children and have a great relationship with them.


While nurturing a child, it is helpful that you, as parents, make your child become self-reliant from an early age and instill in him all the virtues through the consistent effort of habits creation on a daily basis. This will enable the child to start shaping his personality traits and lead to build and have his own identity. This will also gradually help him to realize what they really like to do. Obviously all these are possibly easier to achieve through constant support from parents and a lot of patience and perseverance is required from parents to hand hold the child.

In other words, self reliance will lead to make the child become independent from early childhood and he will probably be in a good position as adult where he will probably be better equipped to take responsibility. As the saying goes, “it is better to teach a child how to catch a fish, instead of giving him a fish’. This is a basic philosophy that teaches the child how to manage on his own as he grows and also for the rest of his life whereas by just giving a fish, he will not be able to survive on his own.
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