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Using a Swaddling Blanket for your Baby

A swaddling blanket is mostly used to wrap your infant securely from their shoulders to their feet. This ritual of infant-swaddling really dates back centuries and it is still extremely ordinary in several cultures these days. American Indians utilize bands plus a swaddling blanket plus they also use more advanced swaddling methods .

Using a swaddling blanket is a superb method to calm and sooth your fussy infant.  It’s also been shown to also aid in reducing the possibility of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). At three months of age the chance for SIDS is at its most and by employing the long-established American swaddling strategies the swaddling blanket can provide the infant a means to escape.

The swaddling blanket allows for the infant to stay in a more stable pose while it is sleeping, this really lowers the SIDS danger. Furthermore the use of a swaddling blanket has been revealed to help the newborn sleep better and for a longer time period as well as being more comfy. The swaddling blanket prevents any rapid movements thatmight allow the newborn to awaken.  This in turn helps to improve the parent’s sleep quality as well as the period of hours they sleep too.

Babies who are wrapped in a swaddling blanket are said to feel more secure, this sense is related to that of how they felt whilst in their mother’s womb. The swaddling blanket can help in regulating temperatures, therefore  permitting the baby to be snug and comfy while sleeping.

If the infant is positioned in the swaddling blanket whilst it is alert the mother can effortlessly hold on to and move the infant around, the blanket changes the infant into a tiny manageable bundle. The swaddling blanket prevents the infant’s hands from getting in the  way throughout breastfeeding time.

The swaddling blanket is used generally for infants to approximately 4 months of age. If the newborn has always been used to being swaddled then this method might be used for a longer time.

Little ones require time to adjust to the swaddling blanket, it can be best to change the swaddling method at first, possibly leaving the arms free for the first while. The swaddling blanket ought to continually feel secure but not overly  tight. Pay particular thought to ensuring the newborn’s circulation is not compromised in any way or that the infant doesn’t become exceedingly agitated and uncomfortable.

If you are not certain you are using the correct technique with the swaddling blanket ask a nurse or midwife to demonstrate the correct system for swaddling your baby.

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