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Vacations: Baby on board?

My husband and I love to travel and we have never let anything get in the way of this not even the birth of my first baby boy a few years back! We did have to change the sorts of activities we got up to on holidays (cycling tours are so not ideal when you have a baby in tow!) and we started to take breaks around the UK as opposed to putting our son through the rigmarole of going abroad. There are plenty of vacation resorts out there which provide every need of babies, our favourite being the Retallack Resort located in Cornwall.

Retallack baby friendly holidays and other similar packages provide many of the things you could need whilst on holiday with your baby but these are some of the other home comforts which are useful to remember to pack.


  • Pacifiers/Dummies Other parents might be able to aid your diminishing supplies of baby wipes and nappy cream but obviously, sharing dummies is not advised. Be sure to include one in your hand luggage (and several spare ones!)
  • Tins of baby food in English resorts like Retallack, tins of baby food can be found easily. Overseas however, these can be hard to come across and even if you do, you could be shocked by the high price of these.
  • Sun lotion for babies Babies have extra sensitive epidermis and as such, it is important to protect your infant from harmful UV rays. Your own 30 SPF lotion is not protective enough – be sure to purchase a sun cream that is at least of 50 SPF.
  • Preferred toys Ensuring familiarity during a holiday is imperative for keeping your baby happy. The resort you are visiting may provide many toys for babies to play with but packing a couple of your child’s favourites is a good idea. These will also provide entertainment whilst travelling on a plane or in a car.
  • If your baby or toddler is likely to be affected by the lack of your family dog in tow, Retallack dog friendly accommodation is also available at resorts.

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