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What Divorced Couples Might Need to Realize About Child Support Modification

Florida uses the Income Shares Model to determine the sum of child support that’s acceptable for a specific case, and this specific model is dependant on a small number of distinctive foundational principles. One of these is the fact that a particular proportion of the parents’ wages was in fact dedicated to the needs of the child or children until the dissolution of marriage, and this very same proportion should be contributed once the husband and wife have parted company.


The other basic principle at the root of this particular model is the declaration that each of the respective parents will need to share in the obligation of taking care of the economic needs of their children equally. That doesn’t mean that the required support sum is divided straight down the middle. It’s according to each parent’s salary with regards to the overall sum of the consolidated net income. These particular figures are then applied to a collection of guidelines established by the Florida State Legislature to find out the sum of child support that ought to be paid.


Even so, once the child support level has initially been arranged, it is by no means permanent. We are all aware, the financial abilities of individuals adjust as time moves on, and these shifts factor into on-going child support responsibilities. On many occasions, individuals make more money as they progress along a career path. There are usually other situations that may improve somebody’s financial standing, such as receiving a sizable inheritance. On the other hand, there are instances when people lose their employment, or end up suffering a decrease in earnings for one reason or another. Yet another factor that affects child support is that often the needs of the child or children involved unsurprisingly multiply over time.


There are provisions for modification of child support in Title 6, Chapter 61 in the Florida Statutes, and such a modification might be needed if a “substantial change of circumstances” exists. With regard to the purposes of applicability of this statute, a substantial adjustment is one that is going to create a modification of the payment sum that is at least 15% or maybe fifty dollars (whichever is greater), once the fiscal changes are applied to the state instructions. So if you’re questioning whether or not child support modification is needed, apply your current economic profile to the state regulations using the Florida Child Support Worksheet to see if a substantial change of circumstances is present.


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