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What Divorcing Couples Should Learn With Respect to Child Visitation, Legitimation and Paternity

Throughout the state of California the rights and obligations which go along with being a parent are evident when a married couple who have got children together are dealing with a dissolution of marriage process. On the other hand, all these affairs may be clouded in the event the mom and dad of the children aren’t married, and so the matter of legitimate paternity of the father can often be brought up. There can be situations when the mother wishes to confirm paternity to ensure that the relevant child support payments will be made in addition to ideally open the door for the natural father to perform an ongoing parental role in the life of his child or children. On the other side of the spectrum, you will find cases when a man wants to prove his paternity to ensure that he’ll take part in the life of his child.


Despite the fact paternity can often be a question of contention that needs to be decided by the family court system, whenever unmarried couples have got a child or children and have no arguments about the parentage of the father, all they have to do is register a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity. This could be performed right in the hospital right at that moment the child is born, but it may also be filed in the future, and the document can be acquired at the child support agency or perhaps the Registrar of Births. In the event that either of the individuals involved happen to be unwilling to complete a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity, the state allows for genetic testing to determine parentage. This sort of testing would normally be instructed after a complaint to establish parental relationships has been registered with the California Superior Court.


As soon as the parentage is lawfully identified, whether it is by mutual agreement or perhaps court ruling because of Paternity testing, the father will be able to assume all of the legal rights and accountabilities of legal parenthood. This comprises the right to try to get physical and/or legal child custody, and should he not look for or be granted child custody, he’s permitted visitation rights. A lawful resolution of parentage also makes him accountable for making child support payments as determined by the California state child support specifications. 


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