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What do future leaders have in common: Nanyang Primary school education

Nanyang Primary School Information

Nurturing your gifts, increasing your skills, and expanding your abilities to become tomorrow leaders! Primary education is the best and only way to discover and nurture your child’s skills, talents, competence, and ability in the fast changing highly competitive global economy.


Nanyang primary school gives your child a chance to learn Chinese (a rarity in Singapore) and prepare him/her for a future world of opportunities where China is going to be dominant in economics. 南洋华文教育 Chinese language   is not only a good to have, much as English is today’s language of business, Chinese language will be a necessity rather than a luxury. 


Your children’s motivating factors, talent, and intelligence will need the most effective guidance and guidelines to blend and cope up to the global variations. The Nanyang Primary School information holds particulars about the educational institution programs, regulations, activities, course offerings, and other specifics that you need to have to plan your children’s advancement and achievement. The Nanyang Primary School information helps parents work on their children’s creativity, motivation, and relationships by offering the Gifted Education Programme. A good number of tutors and grown ups classify, determine, and label people in accordance to their unique perceptions of their competencies. Having said that, in the Singapore Nanyang Primary School information, there are no border with personas, dissimilarities in wisdom, and own traits. The Nanyang Pimary School campaigns equal education rights by providing an interactive learning environment. The Nanyang Primary School information has set up a web site online to guide parents about the rules of the Nanyang Primary School.. The Chinese educated in Singapore would want to have balance and accuracy in their education. The goal of the Nanyang Primary School information is to deliver the right education system that would reflect the true meaning of a Chinese education. The Nanyang Primary School information focuses on the delivery and development of the Chinese education in Singapore. Request for more Nanyang Primary School information to the contact details below


Nanyang Primary School

52 King‘s Road,

Singapore 268097

Phone: (065) 6467 2677

Fax: (065) 6468 6913

Email: <>

The Nanyang Primary School information has covered everything such as your child’s class records and personal details, appropriation of class schedules, library resources, to providing and managing institution. All you need to do is to enroll your child and the Nanyang Primary School information will take care of the rest! The Nanyang Primary School information manages the curriculum and specific instructions in delivering knowledge to your children, competent teaching and administrative staff, astounding real challenging training programs, and a good school-level techniques with more outlined significant new education systems. The Nanyang Primary School information education system is mainframe based and maintains computerized information for identifying completed examination as well as your child’s school laboratories that increases accuracy of entries for processing of examination results including the school records of your children. The management of Nanyang Primary School information systems are properly organized and saved on a centralized online file that makes retrieval easy and fast during enrolment, registration, and for other posting entry functions. The Nanyang Primary School information technology and computer system provides convenience in processing the student’s enrolment for parents who have limited time away from work Your time saving convenience is part of the Nanyang Primary School information mission – intranet and internet based education systems and realistic comprehensive education policies. Nanyang Primary School information places great value on your child’s education and your time.

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