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What Gifts Can You Offer Someone who Has Just Retired?

Something to list their friends in

Among the more meaningful things you could give people on retirement are signature books where they can ask people who visit them to put in their signatures. There are also such things as signature plates which serve the same thing. Alternatively, you might want to gift him with an address notebook that is large enough so he doesn’t have difficulty going through the pages.

You could look for an address book with a page finder. This is a took usually located on the edge that is opposite to the bound side of the book. Along that edge, the letters of the alphabet are written downwards starting with at the top. When the finder is moved up or down to point to a specific letter, the first page of that letter is selected when you open the book.

A retirement activity palm organizer

If the address book sounds primitive for you, the thing for you to get is an affordable palm organizer. These cost in the range of $140. This device will allow the person on retirement to create and edit his listings without messing them up as he would for a paper and pen thing. They can also plan their activities and program the device to notify them about things they need to do currently. They are much easier to use than iphones organizers.


Gift cards and discount coupons

Some business establishments allow you to purchase items from them as gift cards. Then, by giving those cards to your friends and relatives, they can just go over to that store and pick up as much as the gift card is worth.

This is one way people can go shopping without money. These cards are only good at certain establishments. So they are not as attractive to thieves and other bad elements as is cash and valuables. For people on retirement, it is much safer to travel around with gift checks than with credit cards or cash.

Discount coupons can sometimes be combined with gift cards so that the person holding them can get more for the value of the card. This means that by spending some time to grab the right coupons from the web, you can put more buying power into the gift card.

A debit card for an account without a maintaining balance

If we happen to be talking about your own dad, it is far better to get him a debit rather than a credit card. Debit cards are only as good as the cash in the account. So if the debit account is empty, no one can use that card. The debit card should be linked to an account with no maintaining balance required so that you can leave it without money without closing the account down. Anytime you want to gift the person on retirement with some money you can deposit a certain amount in that account. He, in turn can use his debit card to purchase things over the internet or at stores.

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