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What Makes a Quality Down Comforter Set?

People love down bedding , but if you are new to this type of bed set, then you may experience some difficulty when making a purchase. You will hear a lot of new terms – not to worry, this is not a new form of slang. No, instead words such as thread count, baffled box, and fill power are all key elements that make this bedding what it is. So to all of you out there who might have trouble understanding this, let me give you some insight on the subject.

First, there is thread count. The first thing you should know about thread count is that if something is under 150 thread count, you probably are best to avoid it. Not only will it feel horrible on your skin, but it will not last very long either. A 300 thread count down bedding is considered high-quality, and a 600 thread count comforter (or higher) is the more luxurious section of bedding ensembles.

Another thing that you should factor in is the fill power, with 300 being pretty good and 700 or above being ideal. These tend to be more expensive because the down they use to make this fill power has to be picked by hand. However, once you experience the feel of it, you will find it’s worth every penny.

Several cheap comforters lose the ability to keep their fill in place. Why is that? Well, that is where box stitching becomes an important factor – it gives your bed set the ability to keep its fill in place so the bedding will maintain the same comfort levels of when you first purchased the item .

There are many things to consider when purchasing luxury down comforter sets, but if you look for these key elements, you will walk away with something very spectacular.

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