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When Is Childhood Anxiety Too Much?

Lets start with the premise that childhood is supposed to be a happy time. However, we all know that children have to overcome fear and worry as they grow and mature~We also know that life doesn’t always go perfectly smoothly and that part of growing up is learning how to deal with difficult situations so we have to expect our children to feel anxious sometimes}. But how much anxiety is suitable? When does anxiety become the problem itself?


It is generally normal for kids to have some anxiety when they enter new or unfamiliar areas or are taking on a new task. No one is surprised if a child is a little nervous if they have to change schools. The child may hesitate to initiate the new task, but as they start the anxiety usually subsides. They move beyond their fear.


The object of a child anxiety naturally varies from child to child and to some extent depends on their age. Infants may fear new faces, toddlers might be nervous around dogs and a teenager may be anxious about a test.


Whether or not anxiety is normal or an indication of an anxiety disorder depends more on how the anxiety affects the child’s life than it does on the object of their anxiety.  Anxiety that progresses to the point that the child becomes withdrawn or tries to avoid certain situations completely has probably become excessive. You can find other symptoms described at: Childhood Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

There also are indications that point to the possibility of excess anxiety. Some of these symptoms include worry that seems way out of proportion to the situation, worrying way in advance, physical symptoms such as headaches associated with anxiety, frequent need for reassurance.

If you’re concerned that your child has an issure, it’s important that you get help. A child can develop the habit of responding to any change with anxiety.

Kids are extremely resilient. With help and support, they can learn to face the challenges life offers confidently and appropriately.

Fortunately, it’s easier to get help than ever before. With the availability of the Internet, parents have resources available that no previous generation has had. I discovered a great program that teaches parents how to help their children deal with anxiety. You’ll find a review of this system at Anxiety Free Child Review.

You might also find it helpful to visit Child Anxiety Disorder Help.

However, if your child has serious issues you definitely should check out the more complete system I just mentioned.


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