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When You Need PCOS Doctors

Women would do everything to avoid having the PCOS or the polycystic ovary syndrome. This condition can happen in a gradual manner.  The symptoms are usually too typical among women that you might not even notice that you are actually acquiring it.  While PCOS might not result in great pain, you can become vulnerable to other more serious health issues.  Diseases in the heart and diabetes are just a couple of those that may trouble you soon if you do nothing to treat PCOS.  Naturally, such treatment can only be had once there is an accurate diagnosis.

It is not just adult females who can produce PCOS initially.  Even female teenagers can may have the issue.  Actually, girls who do not started menstruating may already feel the need of seeing a PCOS doctor. It comes with rather obvious symptoms which make it hard for one to realize the significance of visiting a doctor.  When one grows hair on the most unlikely places for a female, for instance the chest, the belly, or the face, this might be a sign that she has PCOS.  The appearance of serious skin problems, including acne and dandruff, can also be a sign of this condition.

The symptoms of PCOS can be more painful and more uncomfortable once you get older. Once you get to the age of twenty up to forty, you might experience vaginal bleeding that can occur for more than a week.  Accompanying this phenomenon also is the possibility of pelvic pain that may last even longer, possibly over a month.  You might also observe that your facial skin becomes very oily, which makes you easily produce acne.  Besides these visible symptoms, you may also suffer from depression. Mood swings and bouts with depression can also be caused by the symptoms which can dampen your self-confidence.  If you start noticing all these signs, you should immediately set an appointment with a PCOS doctor.

Older women usually experience the same symptoms of PCOS that women in their twenties to forties have.  The more distinct characteristic of PCOS that they may have though is that they can easily have hypertension or high blood pressure.  Of course, while they might need to have their cardiovascular condition check by an appropriate medical professional, they should still see a PCOS doctor should they also experience the prevalent symptoms such as pelvic pain and vaginal bleeding. As a matter of fact, the prompt treatment of PCOS can be a factor to stabilize blood pressure.

Even if in itself PCOS can’t be fatal you need not be complacent about it.  The fact that it can make you vulnerable to more serious diseases like diabetes should encourage you to consult a PCOS doctor as soon as you notice that you have most of the symptoms mentioned previously.  If the doctor discovers early about your condition, he or she might be able to make the appropriate intervention while it may not yet be very serious.

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