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Yes and No in Tween Bedroom Decorating

Is your tween’s bedroom ready for a new makeover?  Tween is a new word parents are starting to use for a child not yet a teen, but not a tot either, thus inbetween or Tween.  The reason this word was needed for parents is to give them clarification that yes, their child is growing up and can be just as particular and moody as their future counterparts.   This can be particularly true when attacking the task of redecorating their personal space.  Parents, pay attention to this one if your time is coming up because it’s imperative this process goes smoothly and without a hitch.  I have put together a list of do’s and don’ts for tween bedroom decorating, so you won’t make the same mistakes I did in the past.   A tween’s memory is like a steel trap and if you botch it you will never hear the end of it! 

I’ve discussed many ideas and tips to ensure that you won’t have to experience all of the pouts and eye rolls from your tween that I got from mine.   Case in point, when I painted my daughter’s bedroom, with what I thought would be the perfect color yellow!  Not so much!  She decidedly thought the exact opposite and made it very clear that her life would never be the same until the color was fixed.  So lesson #1:  don’t go with bright yellow!

I started the list with don’ts instead of do’s because it’s easier to remember what you should do after you’ve read what you shouldn’t do.   I hope this article not only helps you give your tween the room of her dreams, but also helps you get to know her likes and loves that will develop her into the person she is becoming.

Tween Bedroom Decorating Don’ts!

1. Be sure that whatever style you focus on, try to make your tween’s kids furniture the best quality you can.  This is the beginning of your child having sleepovers, girlfriends hanging out, and fun reorganisation as she finds space for posters and hip décor. It’s important you find furnishings that are undestroyable and long-lasting as well as meet the approval from your tween.

2. Always ask for your child’s input on every item.  Ask all the important questions like what style she is looking for, colors she loves and wants in her room, what items she needs organised and storage for them and if she wants to do any activities like art or reading in her room. Find out the things and colors that make her happy since this will be her space where she’ll be getting her alone time and relaxing.

3. When bed shopping, make sure to take your tween’s night time needs into consideration.   If she needs to feel more secure at night or is afraid of the dark, you might consider a bunk or loft bed.  If she walks in her sleep or makes a lot of trips to the bedroom or kitchen for water, a lower bed near the door would be best.  Does she like to read?  A bed with a headboard of shelves would be perfect!

4. Kids LOVE to rearrange their room to find exactly what they want and how they want it situated, so be sure her kid’s furniture is ready to take on the extra movement and is sturdy and strong.  If you purchase a trusted brand then the furniture should last all the way through college.

5. Try to stay away from painting a lasting mural directly on the wall.  Usually with tweens, one day they love stars and then the next they love stripes or are into soccer.  It’s definitely a good idea to put a solid color on the wall and then use posters and photos as accents to reflect your tween’s interests.  

Tween Bedroom Decorating Dos

1. Do create plenty of storage options for supplies, clothing, music and collectibles.   Tweens are always bringing things home and collecting items, so they need display and organization to keep everything neat. 

2. Kids always struggle with clothing and laundry, loosing things under the bed or disappearing in the wring drawers.  Find a decorative laundry hamper, so you can keep it out in the open so she is always reminded where clothes go once they are taken off.  The old saying “out of sight and out of mind…” definitely rings true with kids!

3. Do find a large enough trash can to hold the waste from all the projects and snacks that will be in the room.  If you get a small one and it fills up, trash will just go right onto the floor making her room more of a garbage dump.

4. Do give her a cozy space for entertaining friends and hanging out in her room by adding things like beanbags, chairs, rugs and overstuffed pillows.  Set it up for reading, talking and relaxing with her friends or alone.

5. Do plan and figure out the right lighting concept that works special for your tween.  Consider lighting for the desk, reading lamps, main ambient light and special accent lighting like chandeliers.
6. Do let your child give the concluding thumbs up on the choices before the officially go in her room.  This is the room and kid’s furniture she will have to herself for a long time, so it needs to reflect her tastes and likes rather than our likes and tastes.  As long as her choices are within the budget and aren’t improper, if your tween loves it then allow her to express herself and make a space that is all her. 



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